Are you ready to brighten up your home and transform the look of your space without
construction? Then painting your window frames is a great option for people who live in New
York City. Here’s some info to help you understand the process and your options.
In the past, electrostatic spray painting was the technique used to paint windows in apartments and homes, but post-Covid, things have changed. Most tenants used to be out of the buildings during the day, leaving time for the paint odor to dissipate. But now that work from home has become the norm; some buildings will not allow oil-based electrostatic spray painting since it carries an odor.

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What if my building doesn’t allow electrostatic spray painting?

Don’t worry; you aren’t stuck with ugly windows! If your NYC apartment building banned the use of electrostatic spray paint, you have a great alternative option, waterborne acrylic spray paint.

This is not a new paint option; in fact, we have been using it on exterior storefronts and building lobby entrances for over ten years with fantastic results. Want to know a little secret? Waterborne acrylic spray paint is actually more durable than electrostatic paint.

Is electrostatic paint better than regular paint?

One of the huge benefits and reasons why electrostatic paint has been the go-to for so many years is that it dries faster than water-based products. But with that positive comes one negative, a strong odor. This can be a deal breaker for people who want to paint their window frames in their small NYC apartments. Waterborne paint doesn’t smell. 

Other things to consider are colors and finish. If you are looking for a satin finish, then waterborne paint is the right choice for window frame painting in NYC since electrostatic paint is only available in a semi-gloss finish. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to match any Benjamin Moore color. Maybe you want to go bold with Starry Blue Night or just change from black to a fresh Chantilly Lace. The options are endless.

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Whichever paint product you choose, PNP Craftsmen stands behind the work and gives you a three-year warranty. Our professionals offer their painting services in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.