Electrostatic Spray Painting in New York

Cost-Effective Painting of Metal

On-site electrostatic spray painting is an excellent option for revitalizing your window frames, storefronts, office furniture, bathroom partitions, elevator doors and any other metal surfaces. Replacing old or faded metal items can be very costly. Electrostatic spray painting is an economical alternative that will restore your metal surfaces.

Advantages of Electrostatic Spray Painting

  • We can custom color match or match to existing paint colors.
  • There will be very little overspray since the paint will only be attracted to the metal, which means less mess and less waste of paint.
  • The finish will make your metal surface look brand new.

The Magic of Electrostatic Painting

The science behind electrostatic painting is very interesting and actually helps to create a smooth and  beautiful coat of paint on all your metal surfaces.

The image pictured below helps to explain how the science works. An electrostatic paint sprayer gives each particle of paint a positive electrical charge. The like-charged molecules push away from each other, which makes the paint spread evenly as it is applied. Additionally, the metal item that is being painted is given a negative charge, so that it attracts the paint. The new coat of paint adheres to all parts of the metal object.

Our Process

The correct time to electrostatic spray paint is usually after all construction is completed, and  the walls are primed and painted  We can complete a project with minimal interruption to daily operations of your business or home.

  • Our professionals protect your furniture and all surrounding areas
  • The electrostatic paint dries to the touch in 5-10 minutes and all protection is removed.
  • All odors will dissipate in 4-6 hours.
  • For aluminum window frame painting, surfaces are sprayed with a specialty primer that bonds to the metal. This primer requires 24 hours to cure. The next day, our professionals will spray with VOC compliant electrostatic air dry enamel.
  • The site is cleaned up and all of the materials and extra paint are removed.

Our Services 

Electrostatic spray painting at your New York location is the perfect solution for refinishing your :

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