Metal Window Painting
by PNP Craftsmen

  • Are your metal window frames showing signs of wear and tear?
  • Are you looking to update the look and feel of the interior or exterior of your home or place of business? 
  • Do you want to give your space a more sophisticated look?
  •  Do you currently have white window frames but you love the look of black or darker-toned frames, or vice-versa?

No matter the reason, if you are looking to paint metal window frames, PNP Craftsmen has the solution.  We are experts in painting metal window frames and mullions.

Metal Window frames painted Black and White

Paint Metal Windows

Aluminum & Steel Window Painting Contractor

PNP Craftsmen provides both interior and exterior metal window frame painting.  We use materials and techniques that deliver a beautiful, long-lasting, durable finish that will withstand the elements regardless of the type of metal. Our industrial-quality products are also perfect for storefronts, lockers, elevator doors, and other metal surfaces. We provide both Electrostatic and Waterborne options for metal painting.

Electrostatic Spray Painting of a window in NYC by PNP Craftsmen

Why Choose PNP Craftsmen for your Steel or Aluminum Window Painting?

PNP Craftsmen is a premier painting company serving Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.  We provide high-quality, professional painting services to our customers.   PNP Craftsmen employs teams of trusted painters to handle all of our projects. Our professional painters provide top-notch customer service,  your home or business is always in good hands with PNP Craftsmen. We are protection experts who deliver on-site custom metal spraying even in occupied spaces.  We work well with other trades, including GCs,  interior designers, and builders.

Interior and Exterior Metal Window Painters

Painting Metal Window Frames is best handled by a professional for a long-lasting, high-quality finish.  Proper techniques, specialized tools, materials, and paints are needed.  Also depending on where you work or reside, some buildings are governed by rules that only allow certain types of painting. PNP Craftsmen understands some of these limitations and we have several options that will make steel window frame painting and aluminum window painting permissible in almost any building. Whether Electrostatic Spraying painting or Waterborne Spraying, PNP Craftsmen has your window painting solution.

BeforeBlack window frames after painting

Tips for Metal Window Painting

The lighting, both natural and interior, and the time of day that you use your room the most can help you to decide whether you want to paint your frames a darker or lighter color.  Darker colors do help you to see “through” the window and focus your attention on the outside more than white frames, which stop the eye and focus more on the interior space.  Lighter-colored frames are also best if you tend to use your space more during daylight hours and darker frames can work best in a room where you spend evening hours.  But there are no rules!  Go with the look you love, something dark and moody like  Benjamin Moore’s Dragon’s Breathe, something light and bright, it is your space, choose what makes you happy.

We work well with interior decorators and designers; have yours give PNP Craftsmen a call today!


Window Frames painted green


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