Yes, painting aluminum windows and storefronts is possible! Aluminum windows can be painted even if they are anodized and painting aluminum windows and storefronts can definitely improve the appearance of your home or business.

From storefronts to the windows in your high rise apartment there is no reason to continue to live with windows that have seen better days or simply just don’t go with you new decor or company image.

Traditional Residential

With proper surface preparation and priming, aluminum windows in apartment buildings and condominiums can be painted by spray or brush to blend in with your decor. The institutional feel that anodized aluminum windows can sometimes have can be eliminated, allowing the use on lighter window treatments. base coats can be topcoated with your trim paint or decoratively painted using techniques such as Faux-Bois. Below is an example of an aluminum window with sprayed base coat and woodgraining to match the cherry wood of the paneled library on Park Avenue in New York.

Commercial and Modern Residential

Landlords and building owners may wish to consider electrostatic spray painting for an economical way to quickly spruce up their aluminum windows and storefronts for greater customer appeal. Electrostatic or other methods of spray painting are excellent ways to achieve the appearance of a factory finish and in many cases it can be accomplished with minimal disruption overnight and be ready for use in the morning.

Various products are available for exterior or interior use that give different service lives and appearances. For example for interior storefronts on in offices decorative modern high durability waterborne coatings such as Scuffmaster can be used with metallic finishes that are quick drying, low odor and durable. Speak to your professional painting contractor about the specifics of your job in order to get the appearnace, price and performance you are looking for. Here is a close up of one of the Scuffmaster products:

Whatever option you take, painting your aluminuim windows and storefronts is a decorating option you might want to consider consider for both beauty and value.