Jazz up your aluminum windows inside of your New York City apartment or business with electrostatic spray painting. Your windows may look drab and boring but after this special application of paint, they will look bright, brand new and inviting!

The Science Behind Electrostatic Spray Painting

Using a positive electrical charge transmitted into the paint and a negative charge from a magnet, an electromagnetic field is created that makes paint adhere only to the window frames, reducing overspray.

How Electrostatic Spray Painting of Windows Works

Electrostatic spraying of aluminum windows in New York City is a two-day process involving: prep, prime, and painting.

Day One

Painting is done after all construction and wall painting is completed.
All surrounding areas and glass are protected.
Mask window panes, locks and handles.
Frames are cleaned with solvents and lightly sanded.
All exposed metal is sprayed with a special primer.

Day Two or More (Depending on Number of Windows)

Spray with VOC compliant electrostatic are dy enamel (standard) or epoxy (if specified).
Paint dried to the touch in 5-10 minutes.
All prep protection is removed that day.
Clean up includes all waste removal.
Smell dissipates whithin 4-6 hours.

Using today’s technology, we can now paint aluminum window frames using a special bonding primer. If desired, we will custom match to the color of your walls to make the frames blend into the wall and disappear or make them to match your trim paint. Contact PNP Craftsmen to discuss electrostatic spray painting of aluminum windows in your New York City apartment or business.

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