Why repaint and not replace? It’s can be grueling go through the time and expense of replacing your kitchen cabinets when you can get the look you want by repainting them?

Repainting saves time, money and headaches. Anyone who has replaced their cabinets can probably speak to delays, even after a huge lead time. Painting your existing cabinets can save you the time, money and hassles often associated with measuring for, ordering, waiting for and installing new cabinets.

We can have most projects complete in a week with your kitchen ready to use the day we finish.

At PNP Craftsmen we are kitchen cabinet spraying experts. We have been transforming kitchens on Long Island and in the city for over 20 years.

Give us a call or contact us online and see what we can do for you. That beautiful white kitchen can be a reality that answers, “Why repaint and not replace it.”