Transforming your kitchen from Dated to Modern without a full renovation is possible.    You do not need to tear out your existing cabinets to take your kitchen to the next level.  With supply shortages, and long waiting times for materials not to mention the cost of materials,  a full kitchen renovation can be an expensive and time-consuming task.  After a recent flood in my own kitchen, where I had no choice but to tear it out, my cabinets were weeks overdue and when they finally arrived, they were not what I ordered.  They showed up with the wrong door style and a section I wanted as one solid piece did not arrive that way.  I had to make a choice send it back and keep waiting FOREVER or just deal with it.  I dealt with it and the cabinet company offered me no compensation.  So when I say save yourself from the mess that can be a full renovation I talk form experience.

After picture of a Roslyn New York transformation, kitchen paint white and updated

Transforming Existing Cabinets: Dated to Modern

How do you get transformational results and keep your existing kitchen intact?   There and many minor updates that can be game changers.  Removing appliques and carved corbels is a great starting place, of course, if you love them keep them but if you are looking for cleaner lines in a more modern kitchen start by removing these “extras”.  Adding and/ or removing molding can also help you achieve the look you want, for example swapping dental molding for less detailed molding can change the look of a kitchen as can adding moldings where none existed before.

A Modernizing Update

Working with Domina Interior Designs .We assisted in transforming existing cabinets in this country cottage style kitchen into a more transitional kitchen.  Domina Interior Designs worked out the initial plans for the update.

Mocked up plans for Roslyn kitchen update

This client work with a decorator and decided to also update tile, countertops and flooring. But if your budget is limited check out our gallery to see how you can get an incredible result by just spraying your existing cabinets a different color.

Cabinets before cabinet spraying by PNP Craftsmen
The updated Roslyn kitchen after

Dated to Modern

Transformations can be accomplished by simply painting your existing cabinets or you can take your project as far as you would like to go.  Keeping your budget in mind is always your best bet. Talk to us at PNP Craftsmen, we are a high-quality cabinet painting company that works on our own,  alongside designers from Long Island to Manhattan, and with general contractors to give you an end product that is long last and well worth the investment.

Roslyn Long Island New York before and after comparison above fridge cabinets
Roslyn Cabinet Painting After