Cabinet Painting: The Perfect Time to Declutter and Reorganize

Getting ready for Professional Cabinet Painting by PNP Craftsmen is the perfect time to declutter or reorganize your kitchen.  Though you do not need to empty your cabinets for cabinet painting,  you do need to empty drawers and clear off countertops and areas adjacent to our painting perimeter, so if you have the time,  why not go all the way?   What better way to enjoy your freshly painted kitchen than with thoroughly cleaned and organized cabinets, drawers, and pantry space?  Before you start, think about the way your kitchen space functions now, are things stored in a place that makes sense?  What would you move? Would things flow better in your silverware was in a different drawer? 
Do you want to set up a coffee area or a baking area?  Now is the time to think about restructuring the way your items are stored.  Love everything the way it is?  No worries, just give it all a fresh clean and put it all back. 

 Whether you are up for a major reorganization or just a quick declutter, here are some ways that you can tackle the task!

Time to Declutter and Organize!

The Perfect Time to declutter, reorganize, and paint your kitchen cabinets is now with PNP Craftsmen. 

Dark wood cabinets with doors removed in preparation for cabinet painting on Long Island

Cleaning Out Your Cabinets and Drawers:

Time to Declutter and Organize

Though emptying your cabinets is not required for PNP Craftsmen to work their magic, cleaning your cabinets before our process can be a worthwhile task.  And there is no better time than when you are preparing for our arrival.  Here is the best way to begin.

Cleaning from the top down is always recommended, so start with your cabinet tops. 

  • Clear out and wipe down the interior of all of your cabinets. 
  • Remove any items that are sitting on top of your cabinets, dust, and clean these items. 
  • If your cabinets do not reach the ceiling, vacuum the tops of cabinets, you might be surprised by the dust and dirt that can collect on your cabinet tops.
  • Clear out, vacuum out the inside of your cabinets and drawers, and then wipe them down with an all-purpose cleaner.

Organizing Cabinets and Drawers:

Time to Declutter and Organize

  • Take the items out of your kitchen drawers and cabinets and wipe them all down.
  • Look over pantry items and toss anything that is expired or you just do not use. 
  • Sort through utensils and get rid of duplicates, broken utensils, and items you don’t use.
  • Look over your dishes, pots, pans, and other cookware.  Get rid of chipped or broken items, things you do not use or items that are missing lids or other pieces. Consider donating items that are in great condition but you just don’t use them. 
  • Decide if your kitchen would function better if items were stored differently, then make the change. 
  • Designate specific drawers and cabinets where you can group similar items.
  • Explore different styles of drawer and cabinet organizers and dividers to keep everything visible and easy to grab.
  • Add organizers to cabinets to keep dishes, cookware, spices, and other pantry items visible. The Container Store has so many options to choose from!
  • Place items you frequently use on easy-to-reach shelves and items you don’t use as often higher up.
  • You might even consider adding these slide-out shelves for easier access to items.
  • Store dry food like pasta, rice, beans, cereal, pretzels, and crackers in sealed containers with labels like these from Praki.  Remember to label what’s inside and when the food expires.
  • Take any snack-size items out of boxes and place them in wire or wicker baskets for grab-and-go ease.

Group foods and spices together in a way that makes sense for you, either by meal or by type of food. There are so many awesome and space ways to store spices, so get creative.  Hanging Spice Rack

Don’t Forget the Refrigerator & Freezer

Time to Declutter and Organize

  • Check with your manufacturer’s guidelines for properly cleaning and defrosting your unit. 
  • Empty items out into a cooler. 
  • Give your refrigerator a quick vacuum to pick up any crumbs or loose food particles.
  • Clear out and wipe down the inside any shelves and drawers with warm soapy water. If your shelving or glass inserts lift out, remove them and get in and under any spaces that are hard to reach. 
  • Remove and clean bins or any other “built-in” storage. 
  • Clean the top, sides, and bottom of the refrigerator. 
  • Throw away outdated items or things you just do not use.
  • Return everything grouped together by item.

Consider label BPA-free plastic or, better yet, glass containers to keep items organized. Williams Sonoma’s Hold Everything line has everything from can racks to plate racks, glass containers to egg holders, and spinning storage trays to produce bins.