The Steps For Spray Painting  Storefronts: For  A Beautifully Updated Crisp, Clean Look

Spray Painting Storefronts. Once colors have been picked and your scheduled day arrives,  our first step is prep.  We begin by protecting all the surrounding areas with 3M plastic masking film and blue painter’s tape. The windows or door frames (or both) that are going to be painted are prepared by wiping them down with a cleaning solvent and lightly sanding them with 220 grit 3M open coat Tri-mite sandpaper. We take special care of the fixtures like the window panes, locks, and handles by masking them to ensure no paint gets on them during the spray painting process.

When everything is ready, it’s time for the priming process. We turn on our spray guns and spray all exposed metal surfaces with specialty primer that bonds to the aluminum surfaces. Now we will let you in on our little secret (and one of the keys to a beautiful finish) we let the primer cure overnight before applying the topcoat.

Spray Painting Store Front by PNP Craftsmen Bakery

The next day we use our VOC-compliant satin waterborne acrylic paint to spray your windows and door frames. We use great care to fully coat the surfaces. We won’t say that this paint is magical but we think it’s pretty fabulous for two reasons. The first, it’s dry to the touch in 15 minutes and the second, there is no odor. Once the paint is dry, our team will remove and properly dispose of all the waste, including the protective materials and extra paint and solvents.  We take care of everything so all you have to do is admire the beauty of your freshly painted storefront the day we finish!

Top  Questions We Get About The Process for Spray Painting Storefronts.

Two of the top questions we get asked are,  When will you perform the store front spray painting? Can you spray paint all year round?

We always make sure to do the spraying on site after any installation or construction work is complete. Temperature is also a factor in when the process of spray painting storefronts can take place. For exterior painting, we need the overnight temperature to be over 60 degrees for three consecutive nights or the daytime temperature must be over 80 degrees .

Some people may also ask if you can paint storefronts with electrostatic spray paint. The answer is no, for two reasons. First, it is not weather resistant and secondly, electrostatic painting lacks UV protection needed on an exterior exposed to the elements.  Luckily, there is a better option which is the process of spraying with waterborne acrylic paint.