AKA – Why are we painters are always getting pushed around?

Construction trades need to work together to bring projects in efficiently on time and budget. Sequencing construction trades and painters can often be a challenge but when it is done correctly, it benefits everyone. There are many times that a painting contractor has to work around other trades during a remodel or new construction project. When in this situation, it’s easy for the painters to feel like the small guys. It’s usually because we’re one of the last trades to arrive on the project, so it’s natural for the other trades that were there first to feel like they own the place.

Painters and other Tradesmen

Painting should be one of the last trades there and there are many things painters can do in sequence and concurrently with other trades but you really don’t want your painter painting beautiful wood trim while the finish carpenter is still cutting wood and making saw dust.

Unfortunately, it happens more often than not. When a general contractor is trying to get a project to be completed on time, inevitably something changes or an unexpected delay happens that is beyond anyone’s control. This can push out all the other trade’s schedules. Using an experienced General Contractor with subcontractors that work together can help a lot.

Did you know that there are standards for properly sequencing construction trades and painters? Painting contractors have standards governed by the PDCA (Painting Decorating Contractors of America) that were developed with input from architects and general contractors. The P7 Job Sequencing Standard can really help coordinate a project properly and save a lot of time and money. That is why we at PNP Craftsmen adhere to all the PDCA Standards and use them in our proposals. We also use these standards, like the P7 Job Sequencing Standard to train our crews better ways to work around other tradesmen while still building good relationships and bringing projects in on-time and on-budget.

Photo Credit: A. Albright Painting Valencia California – East Coast, West Coast, it doesn’t matter where you’re located PDCA standards can help!