Electrostatic paint is a solvent-based paint that is VOC compliant.  However, it still creates an odor that will dissipate in two to four hours, depending on the size of the apartment. It is a paint that is used solely on metal surfaces, though it is not necessarily more durable than other paints available. Since Covid, many residential buildings will not allow solvent-based paint.  This is due to the fact that there are more people working from home who could potentially be bothered by the initial odor. Luckily, paint technology has advanced, just like your cell phone technology has advanced, and there is a no-odor solution to Electrostatic Painting.

No-odor solution for Electrostatic Painting applied in NYC apartment

What can you do when electrostatic spray painting is no longer an option for painting aluminum windows and door frames?

PNP Craftsmen has a solution to this problem. We spray waterborne acrylic paint.  This paint has no odor and it can be matched to any color. We still offer the same three-year warranty as this paint is as durable, if not more so than electrostatic paint.  As added bonus,  this type of paint is also available in a satin finish, whereas electrostatic paint is only available in a semi-gloss.

The Good News

So the good news is you can still change the color of your window and door frames when electrostatic painting is not allowed in your building or if an initial odor is an issue.  The solution is waterborne acrylic painting, it is PNP Craftsmen’s no-odor solution for Electrostatic Painting.

PNP Craftsmen can spray on site and we work well with GCs and other trades.

Here at PNP Craftsmen, we believe in true craftsmanship and taking the time to do the job correctly. This yields more value for you and more beauty and protection for your home.