When deciding on how to design a kitchen with matching colors there are many things one should keep in mind. Kitchens are usually filled with cabinets and different appliances. This leaves wall space as an important factor when designing your kitchen.

In order to create the perfect matching kitchen, it is important to take wall space into consideration. Small amounts of wall space have a huge impact on the overall design on a kitchen. Keep in mind that when you are matching and choosing a color for your kitchen, colors sometimes look different in different lighting conditions during different times of the day. So, keep the lighting conditions in consideration when matching and choosing a color.

If your kitchen size is small, refrain from choosing colors that are dark or deep such as dark red or purple, because that will just make your kitchen look even smaller than it already is. Instead, try matching and choosing colors that are bright for smaller kitchens such as light shades of blue, green, or even yellow. If your kitchen is large, try refraining from using too much contrast in color. Remember to always use paint samples before actually painting to make sure the color you chose matches with the rest of your kitchen. To learn an easy method to matching colors, check out our Find the Perfect Matching Color for Your Home article.

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