Metal Window Painting by PNP Craftsmen

Metal Windows painted in black and in white by PNP Craftsmen
  • Factory Quality Finish Sprayed on Site

  • Electrostatic and Low Odor Waterbourne Options

  • A variety of Color Choices

  • No Need to Move Out

  • We Paint Aluminum Windows and Steel Windows: Mullions and Frames

  • Free Estimates

Are you looking to paint metal window frames?  Do you have old aluminum windows that need painting?

PNP Craftsmen is your premier company for painting metal window frames, exterior and interior, for both residential and commercial applications in the NY metro area.

We can color match to your current frame color or change the color using a extensive variety of color options.

If you are searching for a company that can  paint window frames that are steel or aluminum, Contact PNP Craftsmen today for a free estimate on custom metal window frame painting.

Click HERE to learn more about  PNP Craftsmen Metal Window Frame Painting or click HERE to request a free quote from PNP Craftsmen.

PNP Craftsmen



Get a factory-quality finish sprayed on site.

Your Metal Windows will look like new. If you have ever asked ” Can I paint aluminum windows?” The answer is yes.

We Can :

Paint Aluminum Windows

Paint Steel Windows