White Kitchen Cabinets Which White to choose?  This is one of the more frequent questions we get here at PNP Craftsmen.  We like to revisit it as new articles and informational guides come out.  Benjamin Moore, one of the top producers of household paint has just revamped their guide.  We thought we might share their expertise and help you with this often baffling color choice.

Choosing White Kitchen Cabinets by PNP Craftsmen in NYC and Long Island

Which White to Choose?

How many shades of white can you name?  If you have been contemplating painting your kitchen cabinets and have been doing some research we are sure it’s quite a few.  If not prepare to up your white paint knowledge. Check all the info in this White and Off White Paint Guide from Benjamin Moore.  Here at PNP Craftsmen, we can help you to choose a white that works best with your surroundings.  It is important to take into account the colors that already exist in your kitchen. By far the most popular white choice for the kitchen we paint is White Dove. It is really an off-white that looks great in a kitchen that has lots of natural light, it works well with true white trim and it has warm but neutral undertones.

most popular whites to choose for kitchen cabinet painting

So many whites so little time, help choosing

If you are choosing to Paint your kitchen cabinets but not change too much else in your kitchen then you need to consider the undertones of the flooring, backsplash, trim, walls, and decor.  Undertones will determine which family of whites you should be exploring: cool whites or warm whites. Here are some great tips from Simple Home Simple Life.

Picture of White Kitchen Cabinets for Design company on Long Island

Santori Design for Living

Warm whites have undertones that are pink, orange, or yellow.   Cool Whites have undertones that are blue, purple, or green.  You can see the difference in these charts by Benjamin Moore.

Painting your dark cabinets white is a game-changer.  Taking the time to learn about how to choose the best colors to compliment your surroundings is key.  There are so many cool ways to try colors out in your kitchen, but that’s a blog for another time :). PNP Craftsmen

dark cabinets before painting by PNP Craftsmen
After stove and cooktop view of white cabinets recently painted by PNP Craftsmen in Long Beach NY