As we enter into June and July, we start to see the new summer interior color and design trends. Bright and bold colors start shining more than ever, as the sun shines and clear skies are visible. At PNP Craftsmen, we recently composed a list of a variety of colors and designs that match interiors to our warm weather. Whether you enjoy peaceful days under the sun or soothing evenings by the sea, this list is a must for all summer enthusiasts.

Bold Colors and Designs

A favorite among this summer’s trends are bold colors. Bold and vibrant colors are appearing more and more throughout residential and commercial areas. These colors simply stand out and create a more lively environment for any interior. Some of examples of these interior colors include:

Peachy Orange: Add to any wall to brighten up the room.
Bright yellow: Sunshine will become a color on your wall.
Vibrant red: To add a splash of summer to your home.
Some of paints we have used that produced these great results include Scuffmasters Envirometal metallic paints and Benjamin Moore’s Aura.

Fresh and Clean Trends

On the other hand, fresh and clean trends in interior of homes is still a popular trend this summer. More and more customers are seeking ways to make their home as fresh as possible. White paint is being used more than ever to match those clean and clear skies. Calm colors, such as shades of green and blue, are the perfect complement for any home.

New Interior Wallpaper Designs

This summer, one color wallpapers are being replaced with new designs! We now see more pattern and multicolored designs. Adding these designs to your interior walls can enhance the feel and look of any home! Some popular wallpaper designs we’ve seen are Sherwin Williams Easychange Wallpapers. These wallpapers are easy to install and can add a splash of designs to any interior!

So whether it’s that wall you’ve always wanted to paint or that new wallpaper you’ve always wanted to install, now is the time to do it! With all the summer interior color design trends moving in, it’s the perfect time to add that unique look to your home to match the beautiful weather outside! Feel free to contact us regarding colors and designs for the summer.