Specialty spray painting means much more than graffiti art on abandoned buildings and displays for middle-school science projects. Spray painting provides valuable and professional-looking touches to commercial businesses all around New York City and Nassau County.

Every reputable business requires a level of excellence both in their own field of work and the appearance and safety of their facility. PNP understands that importance, which is why they strive to meet the painting needs of commercial businesses with a variety of specialty spray painting techniques that will comply with any commercial necessity.

Special Spraypaint

PNP provides services like fireproof painting and electrostatic painting that not only leaves each surface with a polished and professional look, but also fulfills all building codes requirements.

Here are two of PNP’s specialty spray painting services available for commercial business:

Electrostatic painting- a spray paint technique that employs statically charged paint to surfaces with opposite charges for a more complete and efficient finish on commercial work pieces. This technique is used for most surfaces but most commonly used for metal surfaces such as metal furniture, machinery and metal cabinets.

Intumescent coatings- a fire retardant that helps avoid sufficient fire damage and can potentially help save lives when a fire disaster occurs. While the coating gives customers a decorative and polished look, it also produces char, which insulates the objects underneath and prevents heat transfer when a fire occurs.

PNP takes both of these services seriously and makes sure each job is completed with the utmost excellence. Intumescent coatings are required by law and PNP will help make sure your business meets the safety codes regulated by your city.

PNP Craftsmen goes above and beyond just exterior painting. They ensure both quality and superiority over any other paint contractor in the area. PNP offers other spray painting services such as Scuffmaster and staining and finishing cabinets and millwork.

Be sure to contact PNP online for a free estimate or by phone at (212) 279-3668 for any of your exterior painting and spray-painting needs. PNP strives to provide the best quality painting for any commercial business. Go ahead, kiss those nasty spray cans goodbye and call the professionals today!