PDCA Accredited PaintingThe Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) has recently elected Don Fahrbach of PNP Craftsmen to become the PDCA President of the Nassau-Suffolk Chapter. Here at PNP Craftsmen, Don will continue to provide excellent and quality trainings to his company.

Our company always communicates and works as a unified team in any project and will always provide great service and high quality results for all our customers. Being a part of the PDCA is a great honor for us and gives us many responsibilities, and Don will demonstrate that as President of the PDCA Nassau-Suffolk Chapter. As the only PDCA accredited painting contractor located in New York City, PNP Craftsmen always takes great pride in providing our professional services to all.

All PDCA accredited painting contractors must:

Provide painting and decorating services in a professional manner with both craftsmanship and up to date techniques.
Protect, preserve and decorate residential, commercial, public or private property with the most progressive and efficient means and materials.
Maintain regulatory, insurance and licensing requirements in the areas we conduct business.
For more information regarding these codes of ethics, visit the PDCA website.

Customers of PDCA accredited painting contractors also benefit greatly from these codes of ethics. Some of these benefits include:

Great pride in results
Great value and high quality work
Peace of mind in terms of health and safety standards
Minimized risk.
For more information regarding the benefits of customers who use services of PDCA accredited painting contractors, visit our mission page.

At PNP Craftsmen, our customers are always our number one priority. We complete all our projects with the highest level of care and quality. Our professional services include painting, skim coating, plaster repair, and decorative painting. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!