Have you ever wondered how you can create easy and durable finishes in little time? Well we have the solution for you! At a recent convention that PNP Craftsmen attended, we discovered PPG Break-Through, a satin finish that gives durable and easy finishes. Now everyone can have great looking and durable finishes in their homes.

The PPG Break-Through is a water-borne acrylic and is ultra-durable. It is capable of bonding with some of the hardest substrates. Examples of these include plastics and laminates. The product is able to produce both indoor and outdoor finishes. The PPG Break-Through is equipped with FastBlock technology, which creates more resistance in less time.

PPG Breakthrough Can

The Break-Through is applicable to many substrates, such as:

Concrete/Masonry Block
Ferrous Metal
Galvanized Steel
and many more..
Areas where the PPG Break Through may be used include:

Concrete Floors
Hand rails
This durable and easy to use finish maker contains a low VOC level and low odor, qualifying it to be an eco friendly product. It is VOC compliant in regulated areas and is can assist in earning LEED credits. The Break-Through is able to maintain flexibility, allowing it to withstand deformation and bending. The flexibility will allow the Break-Through to endure cracking or peeling on the finishes.

Other benefits of the PPG Break-Through include excellent adhension and hardness. The product is resistant to household chemicals and provides smooth finishes.

To get started on creating easy and durable finishes with the the PPG Break-Through, contact us today! We guarantee that you will get the durable and amazing finish you’ve always wanted!