We are often asked which colors are the most popular so I thought it would be fun to ask my New York City Benjamin Moore dealer if he could tell me. I wanted to know current trends so we kept it to the last year and I didn’t want to know about the pre-mixed whites (the most popular of those has been Linen White for a while) so we kept it to products he tints. With everything on a computer these days, you can really slice and dice this data so we did, looking specifically at Regal Eggshell which is the most popular product for residential and office walls. What we found is only a little surprising, the tinted colors most people are choosing for their walls in New York are still mostly whites with only a couple of colors mixed in.

Classic Paint Strips

Here are the top 10:

Cloud White OC-130
Cameo White 915
Chantilly Lace OC-65
Swiss Coffee OC-45
Maritime White OC-5
Yosemite Sand AC-4
Timid White 2148-60
April Sky (a really old color with no number)
Simply White OC-117
Southern Vine 2138-10
This list is probably tilted quite a bit towards office buildings because of the sheer volume of walls to be painted in them but here at PNP Craftsmen we do see a lot of the Cloud White, Chantilly Lace and Simply white being used in residences.

If you want to go with a white, there are so many to choose from…if you look past the pre-mixed varieties. Using an off white that is not premixed for your walls or ceilings will make your space just slightly different that what is usual and lets you compliment your lighting conditions perfectly.

To see these and many other colors, check out the Benjamin Moore website and color previewer.

Thanks to Schames Paint a third generation paint supplier recently moved from Essex St. to 90 Delancy St. If you are in the neighborhood stop in and check out their new store.

Next time we do this we will run the most popular tinted colors in Benjamin Moore’s Aura line which gives two coat coverage for even the deepest colors – maybe then we will see some bolder choices.