PNP Craftsmen provides high quality commercial and house painting and interior painting services for New York City and Long Island, N.Y. while still conscious of customers’ budget, standards and schedule. PNP delivers the highest level of painting and paint design to their New York customers by working with them on the best way to paint the customer’s home, apartment and/or commercial building.

PNP Painter

PNP will provide color consolation and matching services for interior painting to make sure the client is getting the exact color desired. In addition, PNP can also work with the clients’ interior designers to make the most out of your space. The company provides services for both commercial and house painting, including apartments, single-family homes and other residential properties in New York City and Long Island.

As a gift to their customers, PNP will provide a free and detailed estimate based on the needs of the office or house painting to determine the budget of the project. These are written proposals with price guarantees for prospective clients. PNP can also bid off plans for qualifying customers. PNP’s expertise is in brownstones and high-rise buildings. Although these services require insurance, PNP will work with your building’s management to receive the proper documentation necessary to begin the job. Their proposals include $1,000,000/$2,000,000 liability coverage, workers compensation and disability insurance.

PNP not only provides an outstanding painting service, but they also include all of their materials in their proposals to their clients. PNP is conscious of their customer’s needs and will stay up-to-date on the latest materials for a great finished product their clients will love.

One stressful element of painting houses is making sure they can stick to their promised completion date, as well as open communication during the project. PNP prides themselves on making these two elements a top priority while on the job. The company ensures timely completion of the project as first estimated, as well as constantly communicating to the customer to make sure they are happy with their services.

PNP Craftsmen “guarantees all workmanship and materials for up to two years.” They are dedicated to giving New York City and Long Island the best house painting and interior painting service in the area, and they available for consultations and questions about all your painting needs. Call (212) 279-3668 or visit the contact page of the website for more information.