The PDCA is the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America

The attainment of PDCA Accreditation for a painting and decorating company is no small feat and is a definite advantage for customers. Becoming Accredited is like receiving your degree in painting and decorating contracting. To maintain PDCA Accreditation, companies are required to meet continuing education requirements and complete the renewal process.

PDCA Accredited Painting

Accredited companies will distinguish themselves by the virtue of meeting certain qualifications and abiding by industry good practices as defined by their peers.

Accreditation is a professional designation of excellence. PDCA’s Accreditation program is carefully crafted and encompasses every facet of the business of painting and decorating contracting. The purpose of Accreditation is to provide contractors a way to separate themselves and their companies from others in the field. Professional and industry designations are a proven means to create that degree of separation so important in a competitive environment.

Why would a company decide to become accredited? For Pete Wirtz of Pete the Painter, Inc., in Northbrook, IL, one of the first accredited companies in the program, it was his desire to stand out from the competition. “I didn’t want my company lumped together with what I called ‘station wagon bandits,’” Pete recalled. “These fly-by-night so-called contractors were here today and gone tomorrow. Education was the key…If I could get involved in a program of relevant continuing education, and with a tangible goal of accreditation at the end, I thought I could find a way to separate my company from the crowd. And that’s how it worked.”