Aluminum Windows ExteriorAs we paint older and historic homes and apartments in New York, one of the features and processes that often pose difficulties is painting aluminum windows. This classy apartment in Brooklyn, NY has many aluminum windows and a set of aluminum French doors, which we had the pleasure of restoring.

The first step, of course, is always to clean the surface. With aluminum, there wasn’t a rust issue, but pollen, dirt and air pollutants needed to be cleaned off. Peeling paint needed to be scraped, and then the glass and the surrounding surfaces had to be protected from overspray.

In order to paint these doors and windows while maintaining a clean, professional look, we needed a quality product that adheres to aluminum surfaces. We were also looking for a paint that is good for interior and exterior use. The perfect solution for this project is Bond-Plex, from Sherwin-Williams. As a water-based acrylic paint, it dries more quickly and has less odor than oil-based products. As an added bonus, Bond-Plex is self-priming, which saves several hours of labor, even on a small project.

Painting Aluminum WindowsUsing Bond-Plex, we were able to spray on a thin but durable coating, giving the windows and doors a crisp, tidy finish. Notice the frames and cross-pieces on these windows: clean paint lines and fine spraying contribute to a sharp, attractive finish!

PNP Craftsmen is a quality painting contractor, serving Brooklyn, as well as all of New York City and New Jersey. With extensive knowledge of the best products for each kind of job, we are sure to complete each painting project with excellent, lasting results. If you have aluminum windows or siding that need painting, call PNP Craftsmen and contact us online and we’ll put Bond-Plex to work for you!