With so many paint choices out there, have you ever wondered what the most requested kitchen paint colors are, and why?

Here at PNP our most popular color for cabinet painting is white, but with so many whites to choose from how does one even begin?

There is no one size fits all for whites and if a homeowner is not updating their backsplash or countertops the key is in the underlying color of those components, and any existing white in the kitchen will not be updated.

PNP Craftsmen’s most popular customer choices:

60-80% of our clients choose white when they are painting their existing cabinets.

Two of our most popular white color choices are:

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

This white goes best on kitchen cabinetry where the kitchen accents fall more toward the red/ yellow warm undertones. Red/yellow undertones in tile, countertops, or accent pieces work best with this tone of white.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC45

This white works best when the undertones of the tile and countertops lean more toward the green/ blue cool undertones.

10%-20% of our clients choose a color other than white.

Colors other than white. Light grays to deep grays, blacks, greens, blues to… you name it! It’s your kitchen let your personality shine through

Interested in learning more about warm and cool colors?

Try this link to get started down the rabbit hole!

Warm and Cool Colors 101 By Benjamin Moore


And remember we use custom paint, the same custom paint and painting techniques that cabinet makers use!


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