Electrostatic Metal Painting Near Me

Metal Windows painted in black and in white by PNP Craftsmen
  • We Serve the NYC Metro Area: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island

  • Electrostatic and Low Odor Waterbourne Options

  • A variety of Color Choices

  • No Need to Move Out

  • We Paint A Variety of Metal Surfaces Including: Metal Storefronts, Windows, Elevators Doors, Partitions, Railings, Radiators and Covers, Lockers, and more…

  • Free Estimates

  • Factory Quality Finish Sprayed On-Site

Are you looking to paint metal window frames in New York City?

Need Painting of your metal storefront in Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn?

PNP Craftsmen has you covered. We Paint:


•Elevator doors

•Bathroom Partitions

•Metal Radiator and Covers


•Lockers and more…

PNP Craftsmen is your premier company for custom metal painting applications, exterior and interior, for both residential and commercial applications in the NY metro area.

We can color match to your current frame color, or change the color, using an extensive variety of color options.

If you are searching for a company that can paint steel, aluminum, and other metals in New York City, contact PNP Craftsmen today for a free estimate.

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Advantages of Electrostatic Spray Painting

We can custom color match or match to existing paint colors.

There will be very little overspray since the paint will only be attracted to the metal, which means less mess and less waste of paint.

The finish will make your metal surface look brand new.

Our Process

The correct time to electrostatic spray paint is usually after all construction is completed, and  the walls are primed and painted  We can complete a project with minimal interruption to daily operations of your business or home.

  • Our professionals protect your furniture and all surrounding areas
  • The electrostatic paint dries to the touch in 5-10 minutes and all protection is removed.
  • All odors will dissipate in 4-6 hours.
  • For aluminum window frame painting, surfaces are sprayed with a specialty primer that bonds to the metal. This primer requires 24 hours to cure. The next day, our professionals will spray with VOC compliant electrostatic air dry enamel.
  • The site is cleaned up and all of the materials and extra paint are removed.

Get a factory-quality finish sprayed on-site in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn,and Staten Island

Elevator door painting by PNP Craftsmen NY
Looking for Storefront Painting near me?  You are in the right place, we are New York’s best choice for metal Painting learn more about Electrostatic Painting and Waterbourne Metal painting.