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When it comes to exterior home maintenance, such as roof cleaning and exterior painting, routine, proactive care is the best route to take.

Preventative TLC delivers not only higher value (and that all-important curb appeal) and more peace of mind, fewer headaches, and long-term savings. After all, catching issues early is always your most cost-effective option.

Let PNP Craftsmen introduce you to our sister company Shine of Long Island.  Shine’s mission is to keep your home looking its best!

Shine of Log Island offers a variety of services, from Window Washing to Soft Roof Cleaning to Landscape lighting.

Today, let’s look at the best ways to enhance and protect your Long Island home’s exterior, moving from the top down.

Side by Side Roof Washing Picture before and After

Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior from the Top Down with Shine of Long Island

Soft Roof Washing:  Often overlooked, roof cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home.  It keeps your roof free of dirt, debris, moss, and other materials that can harm or stain your roof if not addressed regularly.  It is also a key player in curb appeal.

Gutter Cleaning:  Next job is to clean out those gutters.  The function of gutters is to keep water away from your home.  Water can seep into the minor cracks and holes and pool in areas it doesn’t belong, potentially causing harm to your home.  Keeping gutters clean and unclogged is essential in ensuring unwanted water isn’t damaging your home.

Pressure Washing: Regularly pressure washing your siding, stucco, stone walls, patios, fences, and walkways is important to keep your home looking its best. It can help to ensure that you are keeping everything free from permanent stains that develop over time if these areas are not cleaned regularly.

Window Washing, Screen Cleaning, Sill & Track Cleaning ( all offered inside and out): Another way to boost your curb appeal: Clean Windows. Though, curb appeal is not the only reason to keep your windows clean.  Clean windows let in more light and help keep your energy costs down.  Screen cleaning help to improve your indoor air quality.  Track and sill cleaning helps keep your window functioning correctly and helps to inhibit mold growth.

Landscape Lighting:  Adding landscape lighting to your home’s exterior not only looks great but will enhance the safety and security of your home. We handle all the stages, from planning to installation and maintenance, and only install the best outdoor lighting available.

Holiday and Event Lighting: Shine installs some of the most beautiful temporary lighting for holidays and events. We design, install, maintain, remove, and store your lighting!  All you need to do is pick a date for installation and leave the rest to us! Our holiday lighting service takes the hassle out of the yearly lighting process.

Why Choose  Shine of Long Island ?

Shine of Long Island’s Core Values

Our core values include:




Positive Energy

Having Fun

We love what we do! Our work is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Our clients call us year after year because they know that our technicians are well-trained, and friendly, and will treat their homes with care.  We are detail-oriented, and we get the job done right!

Shine of Long Island‘s two locations serves all of the island.

We offer commercial and residential services throughout the island with our location in Hickville.  Coming Soon! A Westhampton Beach location with more availability and shorter driving times.

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