August has been a busy month here at PNP Craftsmen.  Just check out our latest project: Long Beach Kitchen Cabinet Painting.   The homeowners decided to include new countertops and new tile in their project.  We are always happy to work with other trades and we do everything we can to make your project run seamlessly and in the most minimal time.  We can still have most kitchens completed in 3 to 4 days and we will communicate clearly and in a timely manner to ensure the speediest transition possible.  At PNP Craftsmen we are never MIA.  Check out our reviews !

Long Beach Cabinet Painting in White by PNP Craftsmen

Before and After Views of A Long Beach Kitchen Cabinet Painting

dark cabinets before painting by PNP Craftsmen
After stove and cooktop view of white cabinets recently painted by PNP Craftsmen in Long Beach NY

The white subway tile and beautiful accent tile behind the cooktop elevate the look of this kitchen freshly painted by PNP Craftsmen.  Accent tile behind a stove or cooktop is a great way to create a focal point and it is sometimes easier on the budget, just choose a more economical subway tile and splurge a little on the accents. These homeowners also decided to add a white marble countertop to complete their kitchen update.  It doesn’t even look like the same kitchen!

Before and After Photos Show Just How Dramatic Your Kitchen Cabinet Painting Can Be.

Dark stained kitchen cabinet in Long Beach Long Island ready for cabinet painting

The final touch for our Long Beach Cabinet Painting is the hardware.  Often called “jewelry for the kitchen”, cabinet hardware completes the look.  This choice of matte black pulls, and no knobs, is a popular choice,  and no wonder it is, they are perfect for this kitchen.

PNP Craftsmen are cabinet painting specialists.  We work well with all other trades so if you are looking to update tile or replace your countertops we will do everything we can to make sure your project runs smoothly.  We work well with designers and GCs.