There has been an exciting shift during recent years in the way kitchens are seen. It used to be that a kitchen was a utilitarian kind of room, with more of a focus on what it could produce than on what it looked like. Now, however, your kitchen cabinet painting and kitchen customization are crucial now because the kitchen is now seen as a place where you can showcase your personality, style, and taste with nearly limitless possibilities.

Unfortunately, however, customizing your kitchen can often come with a hefty price tag, especially when you step into the world of custom-built cabinetry and total remodels.

The good news is that there is another way to get the look of custom cabinets; a way that offers you the kind of style you want but is cost-effective as well.

Have You Considered Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets?

When kitchen cabinets are carefully and skillfully painted, you can be left with stunning results. You also are left firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing the specific style you have in mind, whether it is cool, modern, and sleek, or has a warm, earthy, inviting country feel.

And, this is all accomplished at a fraction of the cost of a total cabinet replacement.

The Cabinet Painting Process

The key to beautifully painted cabinets is three-fold: proper preparation, quality materials, and skillful, careful application.

Here is a short (and more detailed) breakdown of our process for painting cabinets:

Offsite refinishing – We will label and remove drawers and door fronts for offsite finishing if desired.
We will always protect the work area as part of our preparation process.
Remove the old finish or primer – Whether it is a worn, tired stain or maybe just original paint that belongs in the decade it came from, it is imperative that the old is removed or properly primed to make a solid surface for the new finish. This involves a process that will turn your kitchen cabinets back into a blank canvas.
Fresh paint for your cabinets – Based on the style you want to see in your home, we have a variety of techniques at our disposal for just the right effect.
New hardware – Changing your hardware in itself is an awesome way to update your kitchen’s style. If you pair new hardware with fresh, custom-painted cabinets, you will have a kitchen that is practically unrecognizable. If the holes need to be filled and moved to get the look you want, now is the time to do it!
Any necessary repairs – As an added feature of our service, we also can repair any broken, internal cabinet hardware. After all, few things are more frustrating than broken tracks for your drawers, or a spinning rack that doesn’t work as it once did.
Protective coatings – Some finishes offer the option of a protective coating for your cabinets that will work to keep your new paint fresh, durable, and able to withstand scrubbing as needed.

Are You Looking for a Professional Painter in Long Island?

At PNP Craftsmen, we offer top-quality paint application, using only the best material and equipment to ensure that your finish for kitchen cabinet painting, or any painting project, is exactly what you are looking for.

If you have questions about any of our painting services for your Long Island home, we hope you won’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to serving you.