How did PNP Crafsmen get its start in high-end NY painting? The following link is an article about author Robin Cook, who’s home we worked on shortly after I took over PNP Craftsmen over 10 years ago. I was trying to move my company up market but this was the break through for us. I used the pictures from this decorative painting project to close jobs with general contractors doing high end work in NYC. The project consisted of all aspects of painting, wallcovering and faux finishing. As the article explains, there was even gold leaf work completed on some of the ceiling detail.

The short story is this: a wallpaper subcontractor we had used before wound up working for the general contractor (GC) running this project. The GC wanted him to do the whole job but he did not have the insurance and did not want to find the decorative finishing people. He referred the job to me and I made him an offer of full time employment. He is still with my company today.

The Architect/Designer was from Massachusetts, the site super was from Maine and lived in the city during the week.

read the article: Robin Cook Article Featured in NY Post

Don Fahrbach

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