How can you find the perfect matching color for the interior walls of your home? Understanding how to choose the best matching colors will allow you to create the ideal room of your liking. Today, we will discuss an easy method of choosing a colors that will match your room.

To begin matching colors, first you need to choose a main color that you will be designing around. Taking a look at resources, such as paint magazines or websites, will give you a good idea of current trends or designs. For summer designs and colors, take a look at our Summer Interior Color and Design Trends article.

After you get an idea of what color you would like to use, put the colors against a wall alongside with the furniture in your room. Take a few steps back and look closely at all of the colors. Do any of the colors stand out as being odd or too different? Do the colors match the furniture in the room? These are some questions that you should be asking yourself when deciding.

Remember to look at the colors through both artificial light and daylight as the colors may look slightly different depending on the lighting. Once you’ve determined the perfect matching colors for the interior walls of your home, you can start painting the walls. Remember that you can always use paint sample sheets for matching colors in your home and it is also recommended that you use paint sample sheets before you actually paint on the interior walls in order to see if the color fits your needs.

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