When a new chain of on-the-go food stores arrived in New York City, they wanted to give all of their storefronts the same look. Pie Face, an Australian specialty pie company, called PNP Craftsmen who are the experts at electrostatic spray painting of storefronts in New York City.

The previous store in this space had the beams of their storefront painted red. This was not the color of the Pie Face brand and it looked dull and old. Our professionals electrostatically sprayed the steel frames in custom dark gray color to match the new window frames. They also spray painted the window and door frames as well as painting the railings and vents to match. This updated the look of the storefront and matched the Pie Face company colors. This exterior painting made the storefront look welcoming and fresh.

The technique behind this type of electrostatic spray painting of storefronts can be found here.

Of course, after the store opened we had to check out the Pie face product. We are happy to report that the storefront looked great and the pies were even happy with their signature happy face drawn on top. They tasted great too!

If you would like to discuss updating the look of the exterior of your store with electrostatic spray painting, contact the experts at PNP Craftsmen.