Replacing windows can be a very costly home renovation, but what can you do to update those unsightly double hung windows? At PNP Craftsmen, we have experts who can turn your aluminum window frames from unattractive to blend in seamlessly with your walls by electrostatic spray painting double hung windows.

Painting Aluminum Window Frames

There used to be almost no option when it came to painting aluminum double hung window frames and you were stuck with the anodized bronze, black or raw aluminum window frames. But not anymore! PNP Craftsmen uses a special primer that can cover almost any surface allowing for paint to adhere.

I just wanted to send a note to say how pleased we are with our windows! They look amazing. Your painters were super professional and easy to work with. They did such an excellent job cleaning up after themselves as well. It was a great experience working with your company, thanks again. – Jocelyn Dunnavant, Fort Greene

Turn Window Frames White

Many homeowners want their window frames to blend in with their wall color. PNP Craftsmen knows how to paint the windows so that they will match the colors in the room. Many clients enjoy the clean crisp look of white walls and the aluminum double hung window frames can disrupt the space. PNP Craftsmen wants to help you to update the look of your double hung windows.

Our Painters Will:

Protect the surrounding area from any overspray that might occur.
Spray the special primer to coat the double hung window frames. The primer must cure overnight.
Electrostatically spray paint the window frames in the color of your choice.
Electrostatic paint dries to the touch in 10 minutes and windows can be used the next day.
As seen in these photos, the white window frames seem to disappear into the wall since they are the same color. The seamless look adds sophistication and beauty to any home.

Contact PNP Craftsmen online or call at (212) 279-3668 to discuss how our professionals can transform the look of your New York City apartment by electrostatic spray painting double hung windows.