Cost Savings Possible

Whether part of a renovation or just redecorating, on-site electrostatic painting of lockers, file cabinets and storefronts to like new is possible and is often an economical solution compared to re-purchasing them. Electrostatic painting often surprises those who have never used it with how little disruption is experienced by the client.

As with any paint project, preparation of the electrostatic painting is key to a like-new finish, however if the preparation is minimal, many times, projects can be completed overnight with minimal impact on operating offices.

How It Works

Electrostatic Diagram

As seen in the picture to the left, electrostatic painting uses an electric charge to reduce overspray and minimize the amount of protection required. On railings, this means that in most cases spaying can be done successfully from one side. Combined with fast dry paints, the reduced protection requirements speeds set up and clean up times and reduces the impact outside of the immediate area of work.

The Results can be Dramatic and Cost Effective.

Electrostatic painting works great on items such as:

Metal Equipment
File Cabinets
And more

Electrostatic Spray Lockers

Full Service paint Companies Offer Electrostatic Painting

Full service painting companies such as PNP Craftsmen operate as a single point of contact, minimizing scheduling complications and bringing projects in on time and budget. If your construction or redecorating project might benefit from the cost savings of electrostatic painting, contact us and we will help you decide if it is the right solution for you!